T-Mobile South Florida Site Cleanups

In 2010, T-Mobile initiated a site clean-up project in South Florida including antenna modifications, generator installations, microwave dish additions, safety upgrades, AAV installations and BBU cabinet installations. CALTROP was assigned 40 sites with a 60% rooftop and 40% ground site mix. CALTROP’s services on this project included site design visits, elevation certificates, boundary surveys, rebar mappings, tower analyses, structural calculations, lease exhibits, construction/permit drawings, special inspections and annual inspections.

Andrew Systems


A T-Mobile site modification took place in South Florida in 2010.  CALTROP was selected by Andrews Systems to analyze the existing rooftop platform to determine the structural capability to support a BBU cabinet installation.


Hayden Professional

Hayden Professional’s sites in South Florida were part of GTP, AT&T and T-Mobile projects. There were a total of three sites with a site mix of 33% rooftop and 67% ground sites. CALTROP was selected in 2010 by Hayden Professional to provide A&E design services.


Theme Building Renovation, LAX

The LAX Theme Building received a renovation involving a new engineering design for the arch system. The old stucco was completely removed and reconstructed. The top half of the building was coated with newly designed moisture-, water-, and ice-proof stucco to protect against damage from the elements. Fans were integrated into each arch to keep the structure moisture-free by blowing air out of a centrally located vent on the pinnacle of the building.

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Station / City of Los Angeles Fire Station 80

The fire station includes seven bays to house and maintain all the station’s rescue and firefighting vehicles and other large emergency-response equipment, such as mass casualty decontamination units, of which some had been previously stored outdoors in a coastal environment. There is also ample living, administrative and training areas for 14 firefighters assigned to each 24-hour shift.