T-Mobile South Florida Site Cleanups

In 2010, T-Mobile initiated a site clean-up project in South Florida including antenna modifications, generator installations, microwave dish additions, safety upgrades, AAV installations and BBU cabinet installations. CALTROP was assigned 40 sites with a 60% rooftop and 40% ground site mix. CALTROP’s services on this project included site design visits, elevation certificates, boundary surveys, rebar mappings, tower analyses, structural calculations, lease exhibits, construction/permit drawings, special inspections and annual inspections.

Andrew Systems


A T-Mobile site modification took place in South Florida in 2010.  CALTROP was selected by Andrews Systems to analyze the existing rooftop platform to determine the structural capability to support a BBU cabinet installation.


Hayden Professional

Hayden Professional’s sites in South Florida were part of GTP, AT&T and T-Mobile projects. There were a total of three sites with a site mix of 33% rooftop and 67% ground sites. CALTROP was selected in 2010 by Hayden Professional to provide A&E design services.


Theme Building Renovation, LAX

The LAX Theme Building received a renovation involving a new engineering design for the arch system. The old stucco was completely removed and reconstructed. The top half of the building was coated with newly designed moisture-, water-, and ice-proof stucco to protect against damage from the elements. Fans were integrated into each arch to keep the structure moisture-free by blowing air out of a centrally located vent on the pinnacle of the building.

Crossfield Taxiway Project, Los Angeles International Airport

The Crossfield Taxiway Project (CFT) was part of the first phase of LAX’s modernization plan. This project included demolishing existing structures; removing existing deteriorated concrete and asphalt pavement; constructing Portland Cement Concrete and asphalt concrete pavement; installing airfield signage and lighting systems, and airfield pavement markings; and improving storm drains. The project realigned the existing World Way West Road and constructed two bridges over the road – one for aircraft crossing as part of Taxiway C13 and the other for vehicular traffic.