Core Values

CALTROP’s business philosophy is based on simple, yet proven methods: teamwork, integrity and hard work. We maintain the highest standards for quality of service and always offer our clients the best team of professionals. We attribute our success over the last two decades to an abiding commitment to our core values.

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    CALTROP understands the importance of honoring the commitment we make to each client. The quality service that we promise is always what we strive to deliver. We know that our solid repuation in the industry reflects the trust and respect we earn from our clients every day.

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    CALTROP is fully committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. We combine cutting-edge management techniques with old-fashioned values such as reliability, hard work and respect to fully meet the needs of our clients. Your project goals are our priority.

  3. 3

    We operate with a belief in strong project management and innovative ideas to achieve a desired end result. CALTROP has a proven track record of providing high-quality project delivery services to clients.

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    CALTROP is structured to respond to the dynamic needs of your complex projects with responsiveness, accuracy and the utmost efficiency. With our team of experts on the job, keeping your project on track is never in question. We have a proven track record of completing projects on schedule and within budget.

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    At CALTROP, we believe in keeping projects on schedule and within budget. Our staff is adept at adhering to project schedules to ensure on-time project delivery and to minimize costs for our clients.

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    Our professionals are familiar with functioning as an extension of staff and are equipped to work independently or in teams with your resources. CALTROP is always readily accessible to quickly respond to your needs and all project matters.

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    At CALTROP, successful projects begin with successful relationships. Our staff is a dynamic team of talented individuals motivated to exceed our clients’ expectations. Client projects remain the focus of assigned CALTROP staff from inception through completion, addressing each client’s specific needs in a professional and timely manner. With personnel and offices strategically positioned all over the world, CALTROP staff can be available on a moment’s notice to ensure your project is always our main focus.

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