Airfield Intersection Improvements

The project entailed redesigning and reconfiguring the intersection of Taxiway E8, E and Runway 24L at LAX in Los Angeles, California. This presented the unique challenge of concise construction coordination since Southwest Airlines, which has one of the highest volumes of air traffic at the airport, was located close to this work area. The air traffic taxi patterns for Southwest Airlines was re-routed for construction. Several other taxiways were also modified during this project in the way of widening and strengthening in order to be made suitable for the jumbo aircraft Airbus-A380 to taxi through. Construction also included a central vault building, which provided the primary electrical service and controls for all of the airfield lighting. This replaced an existing vault building.

CALTROP provided construction management and inspection services for the project.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
CLIENT: Los Angeles World Airports
PROJECT VALUE: $90 million


  • Taxiway Redesign and Reconstruction
  • Central Vault Building


  • Construction Management
  • Inspection