On-Call Public Relations Services

CALTROP Communications is providing public relations and community outreach services under the City of Fullerton’s on-call public relations services agreement for capital improvement work. The outreach team recently completed the Highland Avenue / Orangethorpe Avenue Sewer & Street Improvement Project and the W. Commonwealth Avenue Sewer, Water & Street Reconstruction Project. The team is currently providing outreach support for the Chapman Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation Project. This project much like the other two completed projects presents unique challenges for the many small businesses and neighborhoods along the construction corridor. Our public relations team is executing an effective outreach program to keep residents, the business community and other stakeholders informed about impacts from pavement enhancements.

The CALTROP Communications outreach team supported the public relations efforts with a targeted community outreach program that included the development and distribution of a project fact sheet and postcard to key stakeholders within a ¼ mile radius of the project area. Door-to-door canvassing to targeted businesses and residents most impacted by construction prior to the project start date has also been completed. Contact information and feedback from stakeholders has been included into one database which assists the team when additional outreach is needed.

Social media posts, as well as website updates have been created on a frequent basis to further inform the public about upcoming construction impacts, milestone completions and schedule adjustments.

LOCATION: Fullerton, CA
CLIENT: City of Fullerton


  • On-Call Public Relations Services


  • Community and Government Relations
  • Public Notice Coordination
  • Construction Alert Notices
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Collateral Material Development
  • Mailhouse Support