Etxebarri Railway Bridge

The bridge is 80 meters long, 18 meters wide and replaced the old bridge, which was only 55 meters long. The new bridge was built next to the old one and then skidded about 11.25 meters into the position of the old bridge. After the skidding, it had to be lowered about 535mm into its final position.

Designer’s role in project and share of design entity: Fernández Troyano, Leonardo, Chief designer.
Conceptual and detail design.
Owner’s name and reference contact: Bilbao Municipality Subway

CALTROP-CFC’s Chief Designer provided conceptual and detail design services for this project.

LOCATION: Vizcaya, Spain
CLIENT: Bilbao Municipality Subway


  • High-Speed Railway Bridge
  • Concrete Arch
  • Prestressed Concrete Deck
  • Main Span: 261 Meters
  • Total Length: 587.25 Meters


  • Design Services