Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement

The Gerald Desmond Bridge in the Port of Long Beach is a vital link in the nation’s trade system and a major commuter corridor. But the bridge, built in the 1960s, was not designed to handle today’s traffic volume and is deteriorating. A nearly $1 billion replacement project will ensure the safety of commuters and truck drivers and protect Southern California’s important role as a major trading hub. Construction is expected to last three years and generate, on average, about 3,000 jobs per year. The cable-stayed construction will serve as a unique architectural structure for the region and replace the existing Gerald Desmond Bridge.

CALTROP was selected by Caltrans to provide on-call Enhanced Independent Quality Assurance Services for structural materials for the bridge project. The work includes materials engineering and expert services, inspection at steel fabrication facilities, as well as prestressed / precast concrete facilities, and field material inspection for this high-profile project.

LOCATION: Long Beach, CA
CLIENT: Caltrans District 59
PROJECT VALUE: $1 billion


  • Bridge Replacement
  • Major Commuter Corridor and Trading Hub
  • New Cable-Stayed Bridge


  • Field Material Inspection
  • Source Inspection
  • Quality Assurance